15 weeks

Well I am about 15 weeks along now.  I go for my next appointment on Friday.  I will have some normal blood test run and also get to find out when we can go for our next ultrasound.  That is when we will find out if we are having a boy or a girl.  Hopefully Tot will cooperate for us!

Things have been going great.  I still have a slight pain in my hip area but it isn’t as bad as before.  I’m not as tired but my body can’t keep up with me so I have to take it easy.  We are busy going through all the rooms in the house to gather things up for garbage/garage sale/donate.  So far we have gone through our closet and most of the game room.  We still have 1 bookshelf in there to go through.  We also need to clean off Roberts computer desk and take pictures of it.  We have decided to sell it since it has to go in a corner and isn’t as flexible as my desk. 

As soon as we get the garage cleaned up some, Robert will start on our floor to ceiling bookshelves for the game room.  They are going to be so nice to have!!  Right now we have shelves scattered throughout the house and it takes up a lot of wall space.  We will also be going through the dresser we have in the baby’s room and moving it to the garage.  We are getting the crib and a different dresser from my Mom that the baby will use.

Well I guess that is all for now.  If anyone wants to come over and help us around the house, let me know 🙂

I’ll update more after our next appointment on Friday.

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One comment on “15 weeks
  1. Jodi says:

    Wow, you guys sound like such pros!! Wanna come over and go through my crap?!? I need stuff cleaned out desperately! 🙂 Glad you’re feeling good! Keep us updated!