Happy Anniversary to Misty and Eric!!!!
They have been married 1 week and 1 day longer than Robert and I. We got back from our honeymoon and attended their wedding the next day. They are great friends and I wish them a lifetime of laughs!

Well another launch date has been set for the Shuttle. They are aiming for July 26th. Gosh I sure hope everything goes well! It will be so nice to be flying again.

Not a whole lot has happened this week. We have had a lot of rain though. It is nice for the grass but the mosquitoes are coming out pretty strong now. Time to spray with Off when working in the yard. I have also been fighting allergies/cold this week. The rain has made the mold spores real high so it has caused a lot of people to be out of work. I am getting better now though so that is always a good thing.

I had lunch with some great friends today. They are so wonderful! I thank God everyday for the people he has connected us with!

This weekend we were going to be going to Camp Creek till Saturday evening but now we are going to stay home. I would love to get some scrapbooking done. We will see how I feel. We also need to work on the yard if it will dry up enough. Robert mowed last Sunday but the grass was so wet it was hard to clean it up.

Maybe we can squeeze in a movie as well. I’d love to go see Fantastick 4. I have heard it was good.

I’d better go now. As you can see, I still haven’t figured out how to post pictures or links on the side. Now I see why God made people with the patients to program…

Yall have a great night! Enjoy your weekend and be safe!

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  1. Robert S says:

    They have been married one week shorter.