Ok, yes that is a weird title for an entry. Don’t laugh but today was the first time I mowed in my life. I have given in to the need to get things done a bit faster when weather is getting bad. I do have to say that it wasn’t that bad but there is no way I could do it when the sun is up like Robert does. It wasn’t too hot tonight. It was also good exercise but I have to get a pattern down to know where to blow the grass (since our mower doesn’t mulch as well as I would like) so I don’t choke up the mower. I guess it is good that I didn’t think it was that bad. Robert is taking 3 classes next semester so there will probably be times when he can’t mow. Now I can do it some and then the other times we can get our friend Bob to come over.

Tomorrow I am going to get ready for a CM show on Friday and my crop on Saturday. I might also take the dogs to get their nails trimmed. We will see how motivaed I am when I get up.

Oh yeah, I also planted 2 Shrimp Plants that a friend at work gave me and a new Mandevilla vine that I got from Home Depot today. Hopefully I won’t kill them 🙂 Eventually all the plants in pots will go in the ground as soon as the weather cools down enough for us to make the flower beds.

Well off to bed. I pray that everyone will have a safe and restfull weekend.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mowing is such fun isnt it? :o)
    I have to do the big mowing job this weekend myself with weedeating too. Sure looks good afterwards though.

  2. Misty says:

    I love mowing, as long as I don’t have to weedeat! Eric fights with the weed eater the whole time it takes me to mow the front and back yards. Actually, I just got him a new weed eater with attachments for his birthday/anniversary gift, so he’s really liking it now! 🙂