Road Trip 2013

So our family took our first road trip this summer to visit family.  We drove 3800 miles, with our car on for 84 hours and averaging 44 miles per hour.  We went from Houston to Ruby Falls in Chattanooga, to Washington DC and then Baltimore.  We were in Baltimore for my granny’s 90th birthday party.  After that we headed to North Carolina to see Kendra’s grandparents.  Finally we headed home stopping in Orange Beach, Alabama first.  We had a great trip over the two weeks and did a lot.  The kids did a great job.  Levi played a lot of Wii in the car and watched a lot of movies.  Bethany did a lot of napping.  We fed her as we drove a few times.  We changed a lot of diapers in the car as well.  We also got to take a day trip to a hospital in Bel Air, Maryland.  More about that in the coming posts.

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