Onward to Summer

In the NASA community each year there is a Rotary Club award called the Stellar Award that is given out to a number of teams and individuals.  This year my team was one of the ones nominated, though we didn’t win.  We got to go to a fancy dinner in downtown Houston.  We’ve been jokingly calling it Space Prom, so here are our space prom pictures.

 Levi is enjoying being the big cousin, and its great practice for this fall when he has to be Big Brother. Here he is with Wrigley.

 More of the family together at Mother’s day.

 This year we went to Relay for Life together.  They had a car you could hit with a sledge hammer as part of a fund raiser.

 I think Levi enjoyed it some.

 We also went to the Zoo the Thursday before Memorial day.  It was a lot of fun and we got to see the new Dinosaurs exhibit.

 They’re pretty lifelike.

 And they move.

 My favorite.

 Levi was enjoying them.

 These two spit water out.  I drove him up to the spot they were targeting and he was surprised when they got him.

 This cheetah was sticking his tongue out at us.

 And the lions were just lying about.

 We went down into the tunnel to see the male lion but the picture got messed up for some reason.

 The tiger was cooling off with a swim.

 He kept pacing a large circle with half of it in the water.  The other lion was passed out behind him.

 Not even full summer and most of the cats were already out code.

 Time for some pictures of us

 Self portrait

 Levi really wanted his picture taken here.

 So we did several

 The Asian elephant was enjoying a nice bath.

 The African elephants were choosing the shade instead.

 Levi was watching the proceedings.

 Even the chimps were all sleeping

 And the giraffes couldn’t even stand up.

 Levi decided to pose with one.

 Checking in on Smaug, the Komodo Dragon, his favorite display.

 A venomous rattlesnake!

 And making an appearance from Tangled its Pascal the chameleon.

Levi’s soccer team finished up their season a few weeks ago and got a good picture before their final game.  Levi was mostly posed for it.

 Not sure if that’s a smile or not, lets zoom in.

 Still not sure.

 Levi’s end of school year chapel was this May.  Here he is with Wade and Mason.

 All of the PS3 kids on stage to sing.

 Sitting next to Ms. Sawyer and Marley with her mom.

 Levi’s school had their final school party that same day.  Here he is at his lunch with Wade.

 Time for some ice cream from Ms. Sawyer.

 And then a little hungry hippos with Marley and Logan.

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