Summer Fun

When you’re a 30 pound beagle trying to escape because you’re in trouble, remember, the cat toy for 12 pound cats won’t shield you.
It will in fact hamper your escape and result in your human taking pictures to make fun of you and posting them all over the interwebs.
We’ve had a lot of rain in the last several weeks. Over 10 inches in 3 days at one point. Levi got to use his rain boots as a result.
Notice the splash. He had lots of fun.
For the fourth of July we went to Webster to watch the fireworks. They put on a good show. We got there a big late, so we decided to sit in a grassy field at a nearby shopping center. It worked out really well.
Here’s the whole group, all in our flag tees from Old Navy.
We had a Sonic picnic. Here’s Levi and I with our milkshakes.
Levi and Mommy.
And the fireworks.
That weekend we also went to see Toy Story 3. Levi loved the first to, so this became his first movie in a theater. Of course the picture is blurry.
Mimi and Granddaddy went with us.
As did Uncle Matt and Aunt Jennifer. All of these people provided abundant laps and snack providers during the movie.
That Monday was a day off from work, so Paw Paw and Nana came over for dinner. Levi’s slide was moved out to the yard finally, so we played a bit after dinner.
And the attic cat observed. The next Friday we got the hole into our attic patched up. Unfortunately this meant she was stuck up in the attic. At one point I managed to grab her, but she wasn’t very happy about this, so I just ended up getting scratched and bit. More on that later.

The afternoon after I tried to catch the cat we went to the beach. Levi had a ball.
We dug holes with his large number of buckets and shovels.
Then we rinsed off and played in the gulf.
And checked out a hermit crab.
And gave Mommy a sandy Oreo.
And put water into the hole.
And walked on the beach with Daddy.
And Mommy.
And then rinsed off before we left.
It was a good time at the beach. Unfortunately the rest of the weekend wasn’t as great. It turns out cat mouths, especially strays, carry lots of bacteria. Where I got bit an infection was growing. Within 24 hours my hand was starting to turn red, swell and get warm. You can’t see it real well here, but I got bit in the middle of my hand, and on the knuckle of my middle finger. The swelling ended up making me take my ring off so it wouldn’t get stuck.
These pictures were on my phone while i waited at the Redi Clinic to see the nurse. I ended up getting some antibiotics and my hand is a lot better now.
In a good ending to the story on Monday night (she got stuck Friday afternoon) the cat was lured out of the attic and into our house through a crawl space access. I hadn’t given her any food up there, just water, so when I put some food on our floor she was on it. I closed the access door and then we herded her outside. We still want to catch her and get her to a safe home where she won’t make kittens, but with 2 cats of our own we didn’t want her getting them ill, so out she went.

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