Father’s Day Camping

For Father’s day it is our tradition that instead of a card I get a cookie cake card. This year Levi picked out a robot for the decoration.
This is part of why I get the cake. It gets shared. Levi really enjoyed himself.
I mean REALLY enjoyed himself.
It was quite a mess. Luckily his shirt matched the icing.
That weekend we went camping with our friends Ann, Jessie and Olivia. Levi and Olivia had fun swimming. At least until Levi discovered Olivia didn’t like being splashed. Then it devolved into two year olds hassling each other.
There’s our rooms for the night.
We brought some Duplos to provide entertainment. They had fun playing together. Olivia would tell Levi what to do, and he would ignore her. It was like they’d been together forever.
Getting ready for bed.
This is actually taken while he was asleep. He did a great job.
Here we are getting ready for breakfast. We had a good meal and then went to go check out the park.
Levi wasn’t very good about sharing his chair though.
But Olivia shared her wagon with him.
Yeah, we have ferocious predators at our closest state park. Of course when we went looking for them we couldn’t find a single one to show the kids. They are normally laying out sunning themselves. I think it was too hot though.
Looking for gators.
Family portrait
Checking out snakes at the nature center.
Touching a snake!
Oooh, soft.

And our first alligator sighting of the day.
There are also buttons that can be pressed to make animal sounds. Levi spent most of his time here.
The final group shot before we left.
I’m sure we’ll do more again in the future, once Olivia’s little brother is here and a little older.

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