Summer Time

Its definitely summer time here in Houston. Shorts are popular and everyone is ready to swim.

Here’s Levi in a little romper outfit playing with some bouncy balls on the couch. He discovered he can climb up there and now it is hard to keep him off. The big trick is teaching him not to stand up on the couch.
Here’s a great shot of his shaggy hair. These curls are so cute, but they get some comments like, “what a cute little girl”.
We went swimming in our friend’s pool a few weeks ago. Here’s Levi, back in his Jabba cruiser. He’s going to be taking swim lessons this summer just to make him a little safer. I’m not sure we’ll be able to convince him to float around in this thing much longer.
Here he is giving direction to the photographer. He gets that habit from one of his grandparents. I won’t say which one.
Levi has a new pool to play with at home thanks to his Grammy and Granddad. Here he is showing off his plumber’s crack at the pool.
Here he’s putting his plumber’s crack to good use examining the new sink we need to install.
We went to Challenger park for Levi’s buddy Emma’s birthday party. He loves sliding on the slides. He was going solo on some of the smaller ones. On the big ones he gets going a little fast and falls backwards. Not so good on the hard slides.
Levi ate almost a whole cupcake at the party. He was a big fan of that.
Here’s a few shots in a row taken on burst mode. You can see him sliding down on his own.

He really enjoyed it.
Here’s Levi at the dreaded barber shop. I know not everyone will like it, and I do miss the curls a bit myself, but it needed done. His hair was getting all tangled up from sitting in his car seat and such.
Levi did a great job with the haircut and wasn’t afraid at all.
He did play with some toys they had at the barber shop, so that helped I’m sure.
Here he is getting blown off with compressed air. He thought that was awesome.
And here’s a good after shot. It’s a really cute haircut. The only problem is it seems a bit deceptive. Before he had wild and crazy hair, so you knew to expect a wild and crazy boy. Now he looks all prim and proper, but he’s the same wild and crazy boy.
This weekend we went to Schlitterbahn. And because everyone assumes we were in New Braunfels, no, there is one in Galveston too, and that’s where we went.
That lump of cloth between my feet in the tube is Levi. He was so tired he fell asleep in the tube and slept as we went around the lazy river, even in the rapids.
Here’s a little better shot. Off to the right is Levi’s buddy Olivia.
You can see him tucked in there inside his life vest. I guess he was comfortable, it didn’t seem to bother him too much.
Here’s a cute shot of Olivia. She was drowsy but not letting the waves make her too sleepy.
Here’s the three of us. We didn’t want to uncover Levi and wake him up.
And here’s Levi and Olivia, with Levi once again asleep. We didn’t want to get the camera wet, so we didn’t get too many shots there.
Here’s Levi holding onto Olivia’s hand. This has happened before in this shot. Very cute stuff.
Anyways, that catches me up. I’m sure as the summer goes on we’ll have lots more shots to show off.

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