No Noah, Just Levi

For anyone in Houston it won’t be news, but we have had a lot of rain here lately, especially 2 weeks ago. Each spring I do a charity bike ride from Houston to Austin, about 180 miles. This year, for the first time in the 25 years of the ride it was cut short. The day before and the day of the first part of the ride was a lot of rain. The rain and wind was so bad it messed up the place where we would normally camp between day one and day two. The winds tore up tends and the rain put a foot of water in the camp ground. At our house we had about 8 inches in an hour and a half. We had a lot more than that over the one day period. Here’s some crazy shots.
Much of our front lawn was covered in water.
So was our back yard.
Here’s our front yard again.
And someone on our street thought it would be a good idea to drive around. It was smarting to stick around where you were.
Here’s an while after the big part of the storm passed. The debris line shows how high the water got. After a while to let the water go down I drove up into town to stay at Kendra’s brother’s house so I could do the second day of the bike ride from the halfway point to Austin. On the way I saw lots of flooded side roads and flooded out cars
This is the ditch back behind our house. Our city is pretty poorly run and the drainage is part of the problem. The stuff in the middle there is some floating debris, but most of it is trees and such growing in our ditches due to lax maintenance. A lot of people’s houses flooded and people aren’t happy with the city.
On a lighter note Levi has lots of teeth now, and we have to brush them. Luckily he loves his toothpaste, so its not too hard.
These towels are a new addition. We got some regular towels and some hand towels. The hand towels get cut in half and become the hood part of the towel. My mom put these together for us and they’re great.
Here’s my little man with all his long hair done up in a mohawk.
Levi likes the camera. Unfortunately, he wants to play with it sometimes.
I’m trying to get a good shot of his shirt. Its got Yoda on it, and says, “Size Matters Not”. Its a line from the second Star Wars movie, The Empire Strikes Back.
Levi is so cute in some of his outfits. They make him look like a big boy. I had to bait him with a ball to get this shot.
Later he was reading so you could see it a little better. He loves books and loves reading with us.
If you are sitting down he’ll come up to you with a book and climb into your lap if he can. You are then supposed to read the book to him until he’s ready to leave.
Levi over estimates his running skills sometimes. He doesn’t have very good balance when he gets moving fast. A few days ago he got his first knee scrape wiping out on the sidewalk.

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