Quick Levi update

Levi is doing great on his walking!  He loves to look out of the kitchen window and harass Tyler at the same time.  All of his molars have broken through except for the bottom left.  I can tell it is coming though because of the drool and fussiness.
He finally drank milk out a cup yesterday!  I had been having the hardest time with sippy cups and put it in a cup with a straw and it worked.  We will see how it keeps up.  I am so tired of washing bottles!
Tomorrow we go to the Livestock show with Robert and Levi’s friend Olivia and her mom Ann.  We are looking forward to getting some cute video and pictures!
Levi and I also finally made it to the story time at the library yesterday.  He colored his first picture without eating the crayons!  Hopefully we will make it back in the future if his nap time doesn’t fall during that time frame.  He also got a star stamp and a butterfly stamp that he looked at all day long.
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