Yes, snow at our house in Houston. We also have cats sleeping with dogs, no reports of pigs flying though. We got about two inches or so of snow at our house. Its very odd to have it here. I wore shorts Tuesday afternoon, by Wednesday at 7 it was snowing. Levi got to experience his first snow. When we got into Baltimore there was some, but it stopped coming down by the time we had him out. Last night he got to go experience it. He seemed to like it and I can see future fun playing in any snow we encounter.

Here’s a great family shot with the snow falling.

Here’s our yard all decorated with snow. No flash, so its a bit dark.
Here’s one of our decorations. It says Merry Christmas and has our names on the ornaments, its a bit hard to tell though with all the snow.
Our next door neighbors built a 6.5 foot tall snowman using the snow in their back yard. It has 3 Musketeer eyes, a baby carrot nose and beans for a mouth. The “corncob pipe” is a dum dum sucker.
Here’s a more head on view.
One of our neighbor’s kids made a snow angel in our yard. Levi was already in bed, and he’s a bit young to do it anyways, so we didn’t mind him putting one in our yard.
Across the street we made a snow man that had to be close to 7.5 feet tall. I had to reach above my head to do anything on top of it. It had oranges for eyes, an orange popsicle for a nose and Hershey’s mini chocolates for a mouth.
The snowman across the street decided it was time to party, he drank a whole bottle of Jose Cuervo.

It was loads of fun getting to play in the snow. By morning it was starting to melt and reality set in. I was up until after 1, so getting up early sucked. Driving in was worse, most overpasses were closed due to the chance of ice. In Texas we aren’t setup for that, so there are no ice trucks. Instead they sand the bridges, but they weren’t really ready for it, so most of them were just closed if possible. It took me over 45 minutes to get into work today. It normally takes 15. Bah humbug to that. It was still worth it though. Now if it happened every day for a long time I’d be tired of it. But in Houston, where it snows once every 5 to 10 years usually, I can deal with it.

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