Growing Up

Levi has his big boy seat for the car now. We went and got the convertible car seat for him today. He is only 1/4 of a inch below the limit on height for the carrier seat. That means we can use it for our trip coming up, but after that its done. The new seat is pretty cool. He got to use it tonight, but he was tired, so already irritable. We’ll see how he does tomorrow in it. He’s also been doing really good eating table food. He ate a whole banana today across two meals. Not bad.

Here’s our little man wearing my Longhorn hat. He was having fun with it on.
He is putting all his weight on me leaning over. Loads of fun.
Levi has really come to like his Halloween candy holder. It makes a great drum. Today he got a plastic spoon to use on it, no pictures of that yet.
We have a basket that toys and blankets end up in usually. Sometimes a baby ends up in there.
Almost got it!

Levi is a wild baby, here he is wearing pants his head again. Looks a little like what Samuel L. Jackson wears.Levi had a fancy dinner the other night. Peas, fresh bread, chicken and mashed potatoes. He’s taking this table food thing to heart. It makes him thirsty and he’s been doing good on that front as well. Here he is quenching his thirst.

Not all of the food made it into his mouth.

As noted earlier, Levi eats bananas now…with his hands… which he then wipes on his head. We decided to use it as styling gel tonight.

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