Just wanted to let everyone know that we are still in Austin. We came up here on Thursday and hope to be able to head back tomorrow (Monday). My Mom ended up at our house since it is further away from the Bay. We have a pretty good amount of roof damage and all of our fences are down. Luckily they were there and heard a leak in our game room and were able to puncture the ceiling to let some water out and put a trash can under it along with a tarp and move some of our items. There is also a leak in our bathroom and bedroom. We are trying to get up with some roofing companies to see if they can put tarps on the roof to keep more water from getting in there. The roof is very steep so we can’t have family up there messing with it. If anyone knows of someway to help us get it covered, please call me at 281-910-0713. We can have my Mom meet at our house and pay if needed.

Luckily we are all safe and I am glad my Mom was at our place since she lost some major trees that could have landed on her roof. Trees and fences and roofs can be fixed!

Our trip to Austin wasn’t too bad. Took just over 6 hours and that was with stopping for Levi about 1.5 hours total. The traffic was the worst on I45. When we turned on 71 to go to Austin we saw a set up of gas trucks, portapotties and water for people who needed it. I really think ALOT of lessons were learned from Rita and it has turned out well. We are able to watch a lot of updates here and they are even rebroadcasting Houston stations here.

We have limited internet access but will try to keep everyone updated as much as possible. I know JSC is closed Monday and they will hopefully be back open later in the week. Gloria Dei is closed Monday and Tuesday and will let us know after the building is inspected about opening. Both places are close to the water.


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