Jumping to sleep on Sunday

On Sundays we go to a church in a high school. Our church has two campuses and the new one is in Clear Springs High School. We serve in the Pee Wees area, which is the children before Kindergarten. Pee Wees happens to meet in a hall. The only downside of us serving is Levi ends up staying for two services, one were we go to the service and one where we help in Pee Wees. this means he gets to nap there. At least he naps when all the people serving aren’t playing with him. He’s pretty popular.

Here he is hanging out in a jumper. He was tired and ended up going to sleep in it almost immediately. Funny enough this was his first time in a jumper, so you would think he’d be having fun. Instead he passed out.

Every once and a while he’d start to wake up and jump. After a few bounces he’d basically rock himself back to sleep. He he is startling himself before falling back to sleep.

Its all very cute. We’re going to have to get them to put him in a swing more though. He doesn’t get his nap because they’re all playing with him. This results in a very grumpy Levi in the afternoon.

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