Little big man update

I haven’t posted any pictures for a bit because I’ve been too lazy to get the cable for the camera. That and he’s pretty distracting most of the time.

We think he may be at the beginning of teething. He chews on everything, and sometimes its the only thing that calms him. With this in mind we’ve started giving him one of those frozen teething rings every once in a while. Here’s his first attempt. He played with it and chewed on it until his hands were too cold to hold it. Then he’d drop it and fuss for you to hold it for him.

On the Fourth of July we got him dressed up in his cute “Firecracker” outfit and took him over near his Granny’s house to watch the fireworks in Kemah. We could see the Webster fireworks, the Clear Lake fireworks, the Friendswood fireworks and of course the Kemah ones. He was fascinated. Of course he also found all the cars in the parking lot of the Walmart we were sitting in fascinating too. Oooh, fireworks, oooh, headlights. He’s easily amused.

I’m outright stealing this picture from Kendra. She took it and a bunch of other cute ones, but I like this one. I’m leaving the cute smiling ones to her. We like this shirt, and its too bad he won’t have a bigger one for later on in life. I have a Vintage ’79 shirt from when I was a kid that he’ll wear at some point. I like his expression in this picture. He’s got that inquisitive pondering look on his face. Its a look that I’m sure later will lead to trouble.

This is a shot of Levi in his polka dot pajamas. We have a video monitor that we borrowed from a friend and these look funny on there. Some of the spots really show up well and you end up seeing them before you can pick out the rest of him.
We hadn’t gotten out Levi’s bumbo seat for a while and decided last night to give it a go again. He likes being able to sit up, though eventually he was tired of not having enough things to play with and not being able to move. Here he is watching one of the pretty girls on “I Survived a Japanese Gameshow”. He’s a big fan.
Always good to have a toy to chew on while watching TV.
Whoa, dad did you see that?!
And of course the great smiling pose. Can’t pass that one up.


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One comment on “Little big man update
  1. Jodi says:

    Cute! They make trays for the Bumbo that you can stick toys on… it is quite helpful. Just fyi! 🙂