5 months old!

Wow. I can’t believe Levi is 5 months old already! Time has flown by!

Levi is getting much better at sitting up. We took him to get his 5 month pictures this weekend and got some great shots of him sitting up. I call it tripodding because he uses his hands in front of himself to stay up. He is a lot more interested in reaching out to things in front of him while he is sitting up too. It makes things pretty funny sometimes. He will go forward and just kind of sit there. Kind of acting like he wants to just lay down and kind of acting like he wants to get up and crawl.

He is also smiling different now. It is more of a defined smile and not as much of an open mouth grin. Kind of hard to explain but cute. His laugh is more defined now too. Less grunting (he has always grunted a lot) and more laughing. He gets himself pretty tickled too.

My friend Jodi had a disclaimer that her blog is like her baby book for her daughter. Those of you who know me know that I scrapbook. However, I haven’t had time to do so recently so I am writing things down here to help me remember them. I think once he starts eating more variety of food, I will be able to go to friends’ houses and work on my albums while Robert hangs out with him.

Sorry that the picture is blurry. I was laughing while I took it.

Have a great week!

Love Kendra, Levi and Robert

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