Astros Game and a 1st Birthday!

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This weekend was a very busy one. On Sunday we went to Levi’s 1st Astros game. We played the Boston Red Sox and WON!! Go Stros!!

Here we are at the game. I love Levi’s face in the 1st one. The game started out kind of slow…

Here is a better one. Hard to get him to smile when we are taking a self portrait.

Levi loved looking at everything and everyone at the game. It was kind of loud but he did great. We used the carrier that Theresa let us borrow and it worked out great. Especially since it was pouring when the game ended.

Here he is before we left in his outfit that Mrs. Kiki gave him before he was born. It has a blanket that matches as well. He didn’t wear the hat and socks to the game because it was too hot.Here is Levi hanging out at the 1st birthday party for Gus. He had a lot of fun with Gus and a 7 month old named Stephen. Check out the cute shoes! The picture is blurry because he was was happy watching the streamers hanging above him.

Gus sure enjoyed his cake!

Levi has discovered his feet. He loves to grab them and chew. He was kind of confused when we put shoes on him.

Levi likes tummy time a lot more now. I was finally able to catch a picture of him smiling.

Just hanging out in the pack and play.
Nana and Paw-Paw met us for dinner on Friday night.

On Thursday we went over to Brian and Ann-Maries for dinner and Wii. Here we are playing Mario Cart.This week we are going to get 5 month pictures taken at JCP and hang around the house. We hope everyone has a very Happy 4th of July.

Love, Kendra, Robert and Levi.

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