So over a month ago I got my LASER vision. LASIK is crazy freaky, but it can have great results. I now have 20/15 vision, which is awesome, since I was way worse before. I had to wear glasses or contacts for anything. I was reading an article today online that talked about all the issues this one guy has had because of LASIK. He’s basically gone blind and had to have a cornea transplant. Its a crazy story about what happens when you go to a disreputable place for really important surgery. I got mine done by Dr. Lipsky, who is one of the best in our area. He’s done tons of them, and I know a lot of people that went to him, so I was less worried. Today was my one month appointment, so that’s when I found out I have the 20/15 vision, which is better than normal. Below is a blurry shot of my eye from my cell phone camera. Why? Well, why not. Its ironic because its a blurry shot of an eye that no longer sees blurry. Great, huh?

Sorry for anyone hoping to see any pictures of Levi in this post, its just my eye.

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