2 Month Pictures

We went to JC Penney’s to get pictures taken for Levi’s 2 month pics and here they are. JC Penney was very particular on their website that I know they have the copyright for these.

He looks like a grumpy guy telling us how its going to be.
This one isn’t too bad. Any time you put him on his belly he takes it as a challenge to do pushups.
At this point he’s trying to figure out what we’re doing to him.
Time for more pushups.
Finally someone holding him, so he’s a little happier. Notice he’s looking at Daddy. I guess he seems Mommy all the time, so Daddy is cooler.
Here we are, all looking different directions.

What you don’t see in these is him fussing in between each picture. We decided to do this on a weeknight. The benefit is there is no crowd waiting to go next after us. The downside is his fussiest time of day is in the evening around 6… when we were taking pictures.

Oh well, he’s cute in them anyways, and we got some good ones.

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