Cute Kid and Cone Heads

Levi is a cute little boy, but he’s not the only boy in the house. The other two have been trying to get their own attention in different ways. Bailey got himself sick and had to wear a cone for several days. Here he is outside Levi’s Room looking pitiful.

He’s out of the cone and back into his normal trouble now, but for a while we were constantly being run into and hearing him scrape on walls. It was really funny, but a bit sad too.

Following close on the heels of this Tyler found himself going to visit Dr. Hackemoff and wearing a cone himself. This seemed a bit like karma considering how he mistreated Bailey when he had his cone on. After a lot of freaking out and quite a bit of running into things he relaxed and took a nap.

Levi has gotten to spend some more time on the floor as he gets older. This results in quite a bit of sniffing by the animals, as well as smacked snouts when they get a little too into it. Here’s a shot of him on the ground after getting his pictures taken at JC Penney’s.

And celebrating his Irish roots:

I love this cute little expression on his face:
This is right before some tummy time, in between bits of screaming about being left on the ground.
Here Levi is participating in the post Easter lunch nap. Food was good, the nap was too.

Uncle Matt was there with future Aunt Jennifer, so Levi got to hang out some with them.Granny had an Elmo Easter basket she had gotten the year before and so we took a few pictures with it. Levi thought we were nuts.
He was much happier taking this picture.
This is just a shot to show one of the features of Levi’s baths. That is “Angry Duck, overseer of bathtime”. Angry Duck was a gift at one of the showers, someone put angry eyebrows on him and I think its awesome. Levi looks angry in the picture too, but generally he likes bathtime.

I’m sure there will be more pictures soon, but I just had to post some of these to keep showing off the most awesome baby boy in the world.

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