34 weeks

First of all, an update about the prayer request I posted the other day.  The talk went good.  They didn’t flat out say no but there are things we need to figure out.  Basically I am really wanting to work Monday, Wednesday and Friday’s.  We need to figure out my tasks and time involved.  Luckily I can be flexible within reason if we have activities on Tuesdays or Thursdays that I need to be present for and I can also work from home some if needed.  We just need to figure out if I would still work my MWF plus additional days or just keep it to 3 days.  Thank you all for you’re your prayers!

Now, onto a Levi update…

We went yesterday for another ultrasound and everything is looking really good.  He is measuring at 4 lb. 11 oz and the estimated due date is around the week of 2/18/2008.  They take measurements of his head, abdomen, heart etc. and average them together.  At this point he is at an angle with head down toward my right side (that would explain the movements on my upper right and left sides).  Amniotic fluid levels look good also.  The Gestational Diabetes control is going well too.  I am slowly figuring out what I can handle so that makes meals a lot easier!  I will be ready for a more “normal” diet though.  I kind of miss having cereal for dinner and I miss pizza for sure!  The diet will and is helping me not gain weight as fast so that’s a good thing.  We will post pictures as soon as we get them scanned in. 

Tomorrow we go take the Baby Care class at the hospital and then I go for the Breastfeeding class. Then that night we go out for my brother’s birthday.  It is going to be a busy day.  Robert is going to work on the 2nd set of book cases too.

Robert starts a new job on Monday with Honeywell.  He has to go to Phoenix, Arizona on Monday and Tuesday for new employee orientation.  Be praying for us while he is gone.  I have been super tired and have an early meeting on Monday.  Hopefully all the pets will behave and go potty where they are supposed to (Zoë) and not run around like a maniac (Bailey and Tyler).

We (I) am hoping to do maternity pictures on the 19th.  I just have to figure out where and what we are going to wear.  We are thinking about The Picture People and JC Penney.

Well I guess that’s it for now.  Sorry it is so long and there are no pictures.

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2 comments on “34 weeks
  1. Jodi says:

    I highly recommend Portrait Innovations, although I have never been to The Picture People. Unless you have some good deal or something, my advice would be don’t go to JCPenney. I have had horrible experiences there, but then again, yours may be fine! What am I saying… you didn’t ask for this advice!

  2. Misty says:

    Hey girl,
    We love our JC Penney out in Katy, and we had really good luck with the one at first colony mall too….plus if you have the $3.99 coupon they are unbeatable. I had HORRIBLE luck with the picture people at first colony, plus if you end up wanting a little privacy and to show your belly, that doesn’t really happen at Picture People, it’s all out in the open. Either way, HAVE FUN, it’s sad when there’s no baby in there but the belly is still there 🙂 haha.