Going to see the Wooldridge family!

We get to travel up to Ft. Worth this weekend to see Trudy, Woodrow and Peyton!  Peyton’s 3rd birthday party is Saturday.  We are making the cake for the event as well.  The theme is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Yes, there is a new movie out so they are popular once more.  I’ll post pictures of the completed project.  We are still debating on cake vs. cupcakes of just a combination of both.  The thing that makes it hard is transporting everything up there.  A cake would travel fine but the cupcakes would most likely tip over.

I’m also excited to see Trudy pregnant.  She is due with her second child at the beginning of May.  She is having a girl this time around!!

Speaking of babies, please be in prayer for our friend Courtney and her husband Tommy.  They are set to be induced on Thursday due to her blood pressure being a bit high.  She is nervous, anxious and excited all at the same time.  Today was her last day teaching as well.  They have not found out what they are having so it will be exciting to get that news! 

Well off to wrap up for the day.  I have WW again tonight and hopefully this week I will actually see a – in front.  Going out of town so much really took a toll on me.  It is difficult to eat a salad in the car!

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