Birthday Cake, Christmas Party and Christmas Celebration!!

Well, it is that time of year! I was doing ok with not getting overloaded until this last weekend. Poor Robert, he is the one that gets the brunt of it too. I try not to freak out but it just doesn’t happen. I did get some shopping finished up this last weekend and got a lot of laundry done last night so I am feeling better. We still have gifts to wrap, groceries to buy and baking to be done.

I decided last night that Tuesday is my last day of work till after New Year’s. Robert and I are going to start the deck in our back yard this week. The plan is to get the posts in so that when my grandfather comes, all the guys will have something to work on. It will be nice to have but will also be a lot of work during a time when we wanted to rest. Grandaddy does a great job on projects like that so it will be fun for him as well.

I got to make a cake this last week. It was for my friend Jennifer’s birthday. It is marble cake with chocolate icing and butter cream “rosettes”. They didn’t really look that nice in white but that’s ok. Here is a picture.

I am going to be making poinsettia cupcakes this week as well to enjoy on Christmas Eve at church and at a family gathering.

Friday night was the company Christmas party. We went with Brian and Ann-Marie. It was fun but I think last years was better. After the party we went to Target and 2 Wal-Mart’s looking for the new Wii game system. We didn’t find anythig but it was funny seeing how dressed up we were.

Here are some pictures of us in front of the tree in the lobby. The ones of the 4 of us didn’t turn out well. Robert was talking in one and the other was blurry. I’ll post the one of Brian and Ann-Marie later. I can’t get it to go the right direction or be the correct size.
Since my Dad and Rhonda are going up to Oregon for Christmas, we celebrated early. We went to a yummy Chineese place in Alvin and then back to their house to open gifts. Robert got a bike barn gift card and I got a big jewelry box and we also got a photo keychain. Here is a picture of us eating.

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  1. Tim Driver says:

    Hey, we need to go back to that place for dinner again one day soon. That was fun.