Since I have yet to figure out how to link my Flickr account to my blog, here are pictures of recent cakes that I have made.
This was the first cake we made in Course 1. Majority of the cakes are butter cream. This was done with the star tip. I trasnferred the rainbow using piping gel. There should have been clouds on the ends of the rainbow but I ran out of time and had to take the cake to a party.

This cake is chocolate with drop flowers. I forgot to put a shell border along the bottom to hold up the bottom flowers.

This is a triple layer strawberry cake with cream chees frosting. It turned out well but the frosting was too soft and started sliding off the cake.

I made 6 dozen Elmo cupcakes for a friends 2nd birthday. The hardest partwas getting the frosting Elmo red. I used 1.5 ounces of red coloring for 6 cups of frosting. I also made a personal cake for the birthday girl to enjoy on her birthday that was a few days later.

The basketweave cake was the final cake for Course 2. The basket weave was fun but hard. I still have a lot of practice for the flowers.

I am in Course 3 right now. This Wednesday we are learning how to work with fondant. We are making a aquare cake that looks like a gift. I will post pictures when it is done.

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  1. Jodi says:

    Super cool! I personally love the Elmos! 🙂