Jan.-Feb. News

Bike ride season has started back up. Robert is once again training for the MS150. The ride takes place on April 22-23. We are staying at Misty and Erics again the night before. It makes things so much easier to not have to get up at the crack of dawn and drive an hour to the ride. If anyone wants to donate to Robert here is his online donation link: http://ms150.org/edon.cfm?id=179783

Things are busy around the house, I am taking a Finance class at church and Robert is finishing up school. He found out that he is for sure graduating on May 9! Yipee!!! The ceremony is on a Tuesday for some odd reason. We think UHCL might have either waited too long to reserve a spot or it was cheaper to do it during the week.

We are going camping with our group this weekend. We are planning to head out early on Friday to head down to Brazos Bend State Park. It is less than an hour away but we want to go do some geocaching on the way down. Hopefully the weather will dry up and warm up a bit. I am all for camping while it is cold but not wet as well. We set up our new tent in the loving room yesterday. It is very nice. Lily wasn’t so sure about it and of course Bailey wasn’t scared once he sniffed it. We are going to decide as a group by Wednesday if we are going to try to go still. It depends on the weather.

Things have been coming together around the house. We have been geocaching a lot so things kind of got out of hand with housework. Luckily the weather was nasty this weekend and we (or at least I )weren’t quite as tempted to go out. We need to get in the habit of doing things during the week so we don’t have to worry about it on the weekends.

Robert and I are in the process of planning a trip to Hawaii in July-August. Right now we are thinking of going to Oahu and the Big Island. I have a ton of books that I am reading to try to get an idea as to what we can do. We are planning to go for 8-10 days at this point. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

We have also recently found out that 2 of our friends who are pregnant and due this summer are having girls. We are so excited for them!

That is it for now. As always, I will try to update more often.


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