New Year, New Updates…

OK, so I will try even harder to update more often. The last part of 2005 was a blur. I had lots going on. Robert was in school taking 3 classes, I enjoyed being in charge of mowin (actually want to do it again soon), Robert’s Dad passed away and we celebrated the Holiday’s.

We helped with Elves and More again this year. We went 2 times to build bikes/wrap gifts and we also got to go help with delivering the bikes. It was a lot of fun and we will participate again next year.

I of course was not caught up with my scrapbook pages when the year ended. That’s ok though. Most (except for Thanksgiving) are developed and ready to go in to my album. The last 2 crops I have been to, I have actually gotten to work on my albums! I have another one tomorrow but it is looking like I might not even unload my stuff becuase there are currently 9 people RSVP’d. I can always get my stuff from my car if needed.

I am taking a beginner Russian language course this month at work. It has been a lot of fun! Things are actually starting to look familiar to me! The class is every day to the last Friday of January.

We went to Austin for a Rose Bowl party at Stephen’s house. It was so awesome being in Austin with the Longhorns won the National Championship! It was well worth taking 1 1/2 days off of work! After the game we went downtown to take pictures of the UT Tower. It was so beautiful! There were people everywhere. People were hanging out of cars, honking and sitting on top of cars with flags. It was very peaceful. We even have pictures of the riot team sitting on a brick wall just watching everyone.

Everyone is doing well here. Bailey is a lot more fun to have around now that he is a little older and listens better. Lily still doesn’t like to be outside without us and Zoe thinks she rules the house. We have pictures of them on our wall as art. They are 5×7’s in black and white around our family Christmas picture. I have to say that it looks very nice. We will be hanging up some other stuff soon.

Well off to bed for now. I didn’t realize it was so late. Hope all is well with you and your family.


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