Well it has finally been raining. June was so dry and hot. It will be nice to not have to water for a few days. As long as the hurricanes stay away from Florida until after the Shuttle’s launch and landing things will be great. Not that I would ever wish a Hurricane the size of Dennis on anyone, it does help out in returning to space. The atmosphere around NASA is interesting. I was teaching the last time a Shuttle flew so have never really been involved in the operations. I would call it exciting but other’s would call it stressful. Right now launch is scheduled for 2:51pm Central on July 13. Yall try to watch it!

Last night there was event at my church where a DJ from KSBJ came and spoke. It was great! This was the first official women’s event and there was an awesome turnout! I also ran into one of my dear friends from when I was growing up. She was my 5th grade SUnday School teacher. She is as wonderful as ever and it was great to catch up real fast. Of course the question about babies came up. Why is it that people are sometime (more so than not) shocked when you tell them you are about to celebrate your 4th anniversary and are not planning to have kids for another year or so? Just a thought…

I have a Creative Memories Show/Crop tonight. I hope it goes well. The coordinator and I are great friends and there is a great promotion this month that I want her to earn. I also hope to get some work done on my 2005 album. Let me know if you would like my web address for my personal Creative Memories site. You can view new products along with layout ideas on there.

Well off to run errands for the day. Bank, grocery store, etc. Yall have a great day! Be safe in all that you do.

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