Anniversary Concert

For our 9th anniversary Kendra and I went to a concert.  KSBJ is having free concerts in Kemah all month with some of my favorite bands.  Here we are together in a self portrait.

The first band was a group from Australia named Revive.  We hadn’t heard of them, but they were pretty good.

I snuck in a quick shot of my date between bands.

Apparently the concert wasn’t exciting enough for her the whole time.

There was a pretty good size crowd there.

Even some staying in the hotel at the boardwalk.

Then Hawk Nelson put on another great concert.

Complete with beach balls and crowd surfing.

Afterwards we all got in our cars and waited in traffic for an hour to go home.  That’s the main problem with that place.  Kemah has no scheme for handling the traffic that the location creates.  Complete traffic failure.

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