Mr. Independent!

Levi is becoming quite the independent little guy!    He is getting much better about walking next to us outside holding our hands and listening when we are outside.  He is also really starting to develop sentences and use tenses in his words. 
Robert’s birthday was at the beginning of March.  We celebrated with pizza from Gios and then Levi and I made cookies.  Then it was my birthday.  We went to Red River BBQ and got a pie from Kroger to celebrate. Levi was so cute when he walked in to wake me up that morning.  He said Happy Birthday Mommy and gave me a great hug.  That afternoon when we got home from school he brought me a cute card that he picked out with Robert.   We also went to the Rodeo with the Esbeck family.  He and Olivia rode a pony, got to touch bunnies, goats, llamas, sheep, and deer.  Levi also ate a corn dog, french fries and shared churros with Robert.  Robert and I had and enjoyed the fried meatballs.
This last weekend we celebrated our birthdays with my Dad and Rhonda and my Mom, Charlie, Matt and Jennifer.  We also went to the farmers market in Clear Lake Shores to check out what they had.  I picked up some hummus, local honey and Levi got some pumpkin dog treats for Bailey and Lily.  We also had a church picnic.  It was cold and windy but fun as well.  While we were at Conuntryside Park we also picked up 2 Geocaches.
We still haven’t made it to get Levi’s 2 year pictures but hope to some day.  Time just goes so fast sometimes!
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