Left My Heart In…

On our last day in San Francisco we decided to try to wrap up some of the stuff we really wanted to check out. After we checked out of our hotel we remembered to take a shot of our hotel’s sign.
And the pizza place we ate at that is down below.
Here I am hanging off of a cable car in that wonderful tourist way.
Here we are on the cable car heading towards the far end by the water.
Levi and I kept hanging onto the hand holds at the same time. I think he may have been copying me. It was pretty cute.
Here’s Levi operating the break. The cable car people are really nice. I think they were probably some of the nicest Muni employees, so they got that job.
Here’s the cable car we rode out.
Near Ghirardeli Square and Fisherman’s Wharf we saw a tour of Segways. Its funny to see them zipping by.
Near the end of the line there is a dock with a large old sail boat.
In the Square they have topless mermaids and a fountain. The kids behind us were throwing money in to make wishes.
Levi decided to make a wish too. I think he wished he could play in the water.
Here we are as he points at the mermaid. I’m not sure what captivated him so much.
When the cable cars get to the end of the line they are manual turned around.
They turn those things around pretty fast.
Sometimes only one of them spins it while they others just help stop it.
Levi liked looking out the window on the cable car watching everything go by.
We went to Lombard Street. It is pretty darn curvy. We didn’t drive down it, instead we took the cable car, since it stops right there.
Here I am with Levi at the top.
I later went down and took some more shots. The road is paved with bricks. Its very old school. It has some really pretty landscaping.
Another angle.
At the end of the line going back we asked if Levi could ring the bell on the cable car. He was excited every time they did it and would clap his hands.
Once he got a hold on the bell pull he went crazy. I basically had to drag him away to stop him.
After the cable car we went to the mall for lunch while Levi got a nap. They have a very fancy mall food court near Union Square. After his nap Levi was ready to go. We went to Yerba Buena Gardens and played for a bit. Here’s Levi flying around.
There was a family visiting from Italy and Levi turned on his magic. He had an older Italian woman flirting with him. He’s quite the lady’s man.

After the park we headed down to San Jose. It was the last day of our trip and the next morning Kendra and Levi headed home. I stayed for several days of work meetings at Ames Research Center.

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