Lawn Party Kid

This last week Kendra’s mom came over and helped her do some gardening work. Levi was out there working with them. Here he is pulling his wagon. Normally he rides in it, but I guess he was bored. His shirt has a picture of Yoda on it and says, “Size Matters Not”.

We went to a party at a coworker’s house and they had a crochet set out on the lawn. All the kids were playing with the set and having a ball. Levi decided he wanted three of them. I just noticed they’re in stoplight setup.
Here’s Levi’s buddy Wade. They’re in the same class at school and Wade’s mom works with me. We’ve actually worked with each other for a while. We’ve also done the MS150 together.
This is one of my coworker’s daughter. She’s 2 1/2, but tall for her ages. Levi wasn’t faced by her and at one point took a ball from her. That’s my 14 month old bullying 2 1/2 year olds for toys. Luckily the mallets he’s playing with are too heavy and long for him to pick up. I don’t want to think about the damage he would have done otherwise.
This is another coworker and his daughter Julie. Julie goes to Levi’s school as well. She was stopped for a snack and watching the other kids play. She’s not walking yet, so it was probably a good idea to keep her out of Levi’s way. He’s a little crazy.
Here we are watching people play ping pong. Levi was captivated by the ball moving back and forth. I think he could have watched for a lot longer, but my arms got tired and I knew if I put him down he’d be involved in the game.
Look left, look right, look left, look right.
Levi likes to lean backwards when you’re carrying him. I’ve started letting him and then flipping him over when he does it. This is incredibly funny to him.
After the party we left at the same time and Wade’s family. Here’s the daddies walking the boys around. This is a little fuzzy because Kendra was a ways away using the long zoom on the camera.

We had fun at the party and Levi really enjoyed himself. I’m glad there were lots of kids there, it made it a fun party for everyone.

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