Strawberry Fields Forever

There is a farm not too far from our house named Froberg’s, after the family that owns it. They have lots of fresh vegetables and some fresh fruit they grow there. Strawberries are one of the fruits they grow. You can pick your own fresh local grown strawberries for a lot cheaper than most organic fruits.
As you can see from the pictures we took Levi to pick out some strawberries. Kendra was feeling a lot better and wanted to get out of the house some more. I’m sure she’ll have some more pictures soon on her blog. There are a bunch with Levi and her. She actually was able to stand up holding him today. She still can’t hold him long or do any moving while holding him, but its a start.
Levi really got the hang of picking the strawberries. He picked a few himself. His main problem was knowing which ones to pick.
Here’s a strawberry flower. A lot of them were blooming. There were also a lot of bees out pollinating. We had to watch out for them.
Here’s some strawberries, a few waiting to be picked.
Levi enjoyed playing with the strawberries.
He was also happy to share them with you. He even fed one to Kendra.
After we were done I had to wipe his hands off. He had squeezed a few of the strawberries and gotten the juice all over his hands and face.
When we got home we were hanging out playing and I picked him up before I took him to bed for his nap. He was bumping his head against mine and smiling and laughing. Times like that make any other trouble worth it. Its so cute and so much fun having him.
As an aside, we got 3.5 pounds of strawberries. A pound of that is now strawberry preserves. The rest will end up chopped up and frozen or in the fridge. We can use it for pancakes and lots of other goodies.

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