One Year Old!

Levi’s first birthday party was Saturday at our house. Here he is in his throne ready to eat.
Lunchtime. This is a good shot of his first birthday t-shirt.
Levi wasn’t so sure about his hat. He didn’t like that fluffy junk on top.
Here’s a good shot of a lot of the people there. Levi was playing with Olivia in the picture. That’s her dad standing up watching. Our friend from church Kathy is standing on the left. Our neighbor Barbara is watching the babies and Kendra is sitting next to Sarah who is holding her little girl Emma.
This is Levi’s main birthday cake. It was made my Kendra’s friend Liz. If you want a cake made she does it as a side thing instead of her main job, but she does a great job.
Here is Levi’s personal cake so he could have something to make a mess with.
Here’s Levi with his buddy Olivia. They’re really close together in age, in fact Levi is going to her birthday party in two weeks.
Levi was a little stunned by the whole singing of happy birthday. He just froze and stared at all of us with an open mouth. After we all clapped he took a second then reacted with some clapping and smiling.
And so the eating begins. He really liked the cake, as did everyone else.
We had to get a shot of us with him.
He wanted to face plant into the cake pie eating style. He couldn’t quite reach it that way, but that was probably for the best.
A little bit of the aftermath.
This shot is after we took him outside, hosed him off (no seriously, we used a hose). Then he got a bath. Then we got him dressed and tried to convince him to open presents.
Here he is standing there watching us open his presents. Mind you he’s walked off about a dozen times at this point and we just brought him back. He was having more fun wandering around checking everything out.
A shot of the birthday cake mess.
Levi wasn’t a huge fan of the bouncer. Not sure why, since he’s liked it before. Olivia loved it and had a lot of fun. She couldn’t convince him it was fun though. We had a ton of kids in there and he was the only one that didn’t like it.

That’s all I have, I’m sure Kendra will post more. I have video, but I have to find time to edit it all for posting.

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