Thoughts on “lasers” and eyes

So ther were no sharks with lasers, just a doctor and some nurses. In case you didn’t know I got lasik today, not that many people read this blog, but its a good place to collect thoughts.

So before the procedure they take you into a room and fill out all your paperwork, and of course get their check. Cha-ching. Next they take you to a room wherw they give you a valium and numb your eyes for the fist of many times. Then the nurse draws lines for reference on you eyes. If you’ve never had this done its odd, you feel the pressure, but nothing else from the numbing drops.

After this I returned to the waiting room where I coulf watch other patients have the surgery. This is a bad idea in my mind. Normally this wouldn’t bother me, but I was about to have it done, so it was a bit close to home. At this point I decided valium has little effect on me.

Next i was called into the surgery room. Here they numbed me eyes again and then used antiseptics to clean around my eyes. Let me tell you, I’m glad I wore jeans, it was freezing in there. I got to lay there while the patient before me had the procedure done 5 feet away, which was a bit odd.

After a potty break for the surgey staff I was up. They numb your eyes again an have you stare at a red light. They put a device in your eye that sucks the cornea higher and basically removes you vision. While this suction is there a laser cuts a flap on your cornea. I forgot to mention the other eye was covered the whole time. The surgeon then uses this little tool to move the cornea flap. You can’t feel any of this, abd in my case I tried to ignore the whole process as its a bit disconcerting. When the flapis moved it is very hard to see. They dim the lights, have you focus on the light again and the laser goes to work. This was the most disturbing part. The fear that I would move and mess it all up, mixed with the faint smell of burning eyeball.

After this the switched the cover to the completed eye and repeated. Then I got to go lay in a dark room for ten minutes. Finally a quick exam and then on to home. By the time we got home, after a quick stop at Sonic for some grub, and some hollering by Levi, my eyes were hurting. I took an Ambien and hit the sack.

Four hours later I awoke and now, two more hours later, I’m going to have to manage to sleep again. I can’t surf, watch Tv, or read because they can dry out my eyes. In fact blogging this on my Blackjack probably violates doctors orders, so i’ll be a good boy now and wrap up to go sleep in my special goggles. I’ll explain those later.


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