This post is going to have several pictures since I haven’t had a chance to really type anything up yet. Over all I am doing great. I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes just after Thanksgiving so that has kind of stunk. I have to check my blood sugar 4x a day. 1st thing in the morning and 2 hrs. after each meal. I have to write my numbers down and take it to the doctor each time. I only have 49 more days till my due date and overall it is a much better diet (low carb). I have officially declared that for my bday in March, I want Christmas cookies instead of cake. I really missed them this season!

We got a new kitten. The next post down is a video of him playing. His name is Tyler. He sure is something else! Very cute though! He loves batting at the fan pull, chasing Zoe and snuggling with us and Zoe. Robert got a parrot kitten with the deal too.

Here I am on Christmas day.

We went to Lois’s house (Robert’s Mom) for Christmas Day dinner. It was nice to get together with them and my parents and brother. This is Matt’s last Christmas before he gets married.

Here is Lilly at some point during the break too.

We have also had a few baby showers and Robert a beautiful, huge book shelf for the game room. I’ll post pictures of those later.

By the way, the baby’s name is Levi Nathan Sterner. We are super excited about his arrival! It will be here before we know it.


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  1. Melissa says:

    I’m so excited for you guys! Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. The Lord is with you and will help you through it!