Happy Thanksgiving!

Robert and I have been off work since Wednesday afternoon and it has been SO nice! We got most of the cooking done on Wednesday evening and finished everything else up on Thursday. We had my Mom, Charlie and Matt over for dinner. We had all the typical things and everything turned out great! We even tried a new sweet potato recipe (Thanks Jodi!) that everyone really liked. Robert even ate them!! Below is a picture from Thanksgiving Day after we ate. You can see my growing belly!

Speaking of belly. I will be 28 weeks this week! I can’t believe at how fast things have gone and how well it has gone. We start Lamaze class tomorrow so that should be interesting. I’m hearing you see some pretty interesting things during the class. I really hope we learn a lot. It is for 2.5 hours on Mondays for 4 weeks so it will be pretty hard on us since it will be a long day. Our showers are starting on December 14th. I’m so excited to spend these times with our friends and family!

Below is a picture of our new entertainment center that we got a couple of weeks ago. Previously we have plywood and cinder blocks and our DVD’s were spread throughout the house in 3 different rooms. This makes such a huge difference! Plus it gives us a good place to put our Christmas Moose collection. 🙂

Here are Zoe and I relaxing during the Thanksgiving holiday. She and I have spend a lot of time on the couch like this. I love it when she snuggles with me. It helps that the weather is cold and she is using me for my body warmth 😛 I’ll take Zoe snuggling any day!

Well that’s it for now. Back to work tomorrow… YUCK! This is going to be a busy week that I am praying for LOTS of patience!

Have a great week!

Love to you all!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Your baby bump is so cute!!! Do you have any names picked out except for tater tot?! I’m glad to hear you’re doing well with the pregnancy and life in general. Hope you have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!