Car issues and Memorial Day

So, I’m on my way home from HEB yesterday and my window suddenly goes down.  Puzzled, I try to roll it up and all I hear is clicking noise.  Great… the automatic window mechanism is broken.  I call the place where my Uncle works and they say it could be around 300.00 to fix!  We were already planning on getting the 60,000 mile check up done and oil changed so we are just getting all of it fixed at once.

Why is it that now that we don’t have car payments, things start breaking?!  Last month it was the air conditioner (200.00) and now this.  We were so excited that we would be able to make big student loan payments now and have yet been able to do more than the amount when we had car payments.  I think Satan is trying to get to us because God has blessed us so much with good jobs and healthy lives.  We have faith that we will be able to pay our debts off and I will be more likely to stay home when we have kids.

This weekend is Memorial Day.  It is a great time for us to enjoy our friends and family and be thankful for the sacrifices that other’s have made in order for us to be free.  Even though we might complain at how expensive gas is or how crowded the malls are, we are still lucky to have the cars to drive and the places to shop.  Some countries barely have roads!

We plan to head to Galveston this weekend.  Sweet Mallory Cavel is having her 2nd birthday at a beach house on Saturday and we are going to see her and pick up some Geocaches along the way.  There are several down there that we haven’t gotten before.  Later that night we are going to a cook out at our friend Corey’s house.  He is going to have some awesome food!

Yall have a great weekend!  Give someone a hug!

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